Consistently superior e-commerce experiences that build loyalty and protect your brand.

XPO knows what e-commerce shippers need

When e-commerce retailers choose XPO, they’re choosing access to an agile, technology-enabled logistics partner that understands how critical visibility, speed and accuracy are to the consumer experience. From our ability to manage complex product returns and omnichannel distribution, to our reliable last mile logistics services, we deliver superior consumer satisfaction levels.

Our customers rely on us for tailored logistics solutions that integrate our technology with cutting-edge automation, resulting in greater efficiency and actionable business intelligence. We also offer a unique option for positioning goods close to population densities through our XPO Direct™ shared-space distribution network. XPO Direct™ is a flexible way to shorten transit times without large capital investments.


Sophisticated solutions, deeply integrated with customer supply chains.


Optimal utilization of storage capacity, labor and automation.

E-Commerce Optimization

Real-time visibility and demand forecasting to manage peaks.

Transportation and Home Delivery

Largest provider of last mile logistics for heavy goods in North America.

Reverse Logistics

Comprehensive processes for the management of returned merchandise.

Technology and Automation

Customized automation solutions, enabled by proprietary technology.

Gain visibility, speed, accuracy, agility and control

In today's e-commerce environment, you have to fill orders and get them to their destinations within a day or two, or even same-day. Technology is the answer to the need for speed and reliable supply chain efficiency. 

XPO provides tailored automation and other advanced solutions, with visibility into every process that affects the consumer experience. The key to operating consistently is to plan ahead, ensuring that you have the capacity, flexibility and scale to keep pace with market trends.

Our teams work to give our customers a competitive edge, we invest in pushing the boundaries of supply chain innovation. Our sophisticated solutions are cloud-based, enabling rapid startup, and we quickly deploy collaborative robots and cutting-edge automation to deliver the results you need.

XPO Directâ„¢

Is it possible for you to ship faster at lower cost? The answer is yes.

Distribution flexibility without high capital requirements

XPO Direct™ is a network of strategically placed XPO stockholding sites, cross-docks and last mile hubs used by multiple shippers at the same time. This solution is ideal for e-commerce companies, because it can position and reposition inventories within two-day ground transportation of the vast majority of the US population. Shippers use XPO Direct™ as an agile, cost-effective strategy for responding to the challenges of seasonality and changes in buyer behavior: 


  • First “fulfillment as a service” (FaaS) model of its kind in the industry
  • Offers consistent, national solutions at scale
  • Provides warehouse space, labor and technology when and where it’s needed
  • Shortens order-to-delivery time to end-customers and to retail stores for replenishment
  • Generates one last mile tracking number for end-to-end visibility of heavy goods
  • Supported by other XPO services and capacity

Consumer Trends

XPO releases findings from holiday shopping survey

In October 2020, XPO sent a survey to retailers and consumers in the US, UK, France and Spain. The survey found that buyers and sellers were almost universally positive about the ability of supply chains to meet the increased demand, despite heightened safety restrictions.


Key consumer findings

  • 85% of respondents believe that their online holiday purchases will arrive on time
  • 51% prefer to purchase gifts online, while 27% prefer in-store shopping, with online as their second choice
  • 60% cited price as the most important factor when making a holiday purchase


Key retailer findings

  • 91% of respondents feel prepared to manage the surge in e-commerce orders, and 57% plan to offer sales earlier than in previous holiday seasons
  • 62% have added or plan to add outsourced supply chain support from third-party logistics and transportation providers
  • 60% have added or plan to add warehousing support, either in-house or through third-party providers


Read the full coronavirus consumer trends report

In July 2020, XPO released survey data from the US and the UK showing consumer trends during the early months of COVID-19. Results indicate that 55% of respondents in the US and 56% in the UK worked on a DIY home improvement project during the pandemic.  

Omnichannel strategies are a secular trend in the retail industry. More than 50% of survey respondents indicated that proper social distancing and cleaning would encourage them to shop in stores again. At the same time, a majority said they will likely buy a range of products online even after stores reopen, including appliances and other large items.

The surveys were conducted by independent research firm Statista from May 20-28, 2020. The results reflect responses from adults in the US and the UK, age 18 and older.