Reverse Logistics

Are you prepared for more returns as you grow your online sales? We can help with that.

XPO designs solutions that manage all the complexities of reverse logistics with end-to-end efficiency, improving customer service, increasing customer loyalty and retention, and maximizing the value of returned goods. Our technology-focused approach is backed by years of experience with managing returns for customers across a wide range of product categories. In total, XPO processes more than 170 million returns annually.

Our solutions provide critical visibility through each step of returns management. We can process any type of return from any channel, whether it’s e-commerce, retail store, direct-from-consumer, consolidated distribution center or other returns center. Our predictive analytics can forecast the future rate of returns for by product type and adjust for seasonality – we use this data to collaborate with our customers and plan for inventory and labor requirements.

Our data integration software enables rapid restocking and multi-channel fulfillment by providing the ability to electronically share returned merchandise data from our systems with other consumer website and catalog vendors.

The bottom line? Maximum value, minimum hassle, any return, any channel. XPO protects your brand.

Value-Added Services

Most retailers and e-tailers focus on their inbound and outbound distribution at the expense of returned goods. Here's what we do to help:


  • Returns management and processing
  • Procurement of parts for repair
  • Refurbishment and repair
  • Inspection
  • Warranty management
  • Return-to-vendor
  • High-margin disposition
  • Remarketing
  • Financial credit processing

Case Study: Returns Management

Learn how XPO helps a leading appliance manufacturer strengthen its partner relationships.


A leading brand of home appliances selected XPO as a mission-critical partner to implement a transformative, streamlined approach to its reverse logistics network. 

Prior to signing with XPO, returns were processed at 92 sites throughout the United States, operated by various providers. This led to inconsistent service quality and unpredictable deliveries, which was frustrating for the secondary channel trading partners and impacted the financial performance of the returns management operations. 


  • XPO developed a consistent, end-to-end solution that includes testing, repair, repackaging, storage and outbound shipments to the manufacturer’s second channel network
  • Our technology-enabled solution tracks product movements and inventory levels throughout the US, providing real-time visibility at each stage of the returns process, including repair


  • Our more reliable service levels and product grading improvements have helped enhance this manufacturer’s recovery levels on the secondary market
  • Our consistent delivery of quality product has increased turns and profitability and reduced operational challenges for the customer’s reverse team
  • The detailed analysis we provide on product movements, and the costs associated with all aspects of product handling, point to opportunities for continuous improvement in testing, repair and repackaging