Customized Solutions Through Technology and Automation

Gain next-level visibility, speed, accuracy, agility and control.

Our Technology Moves the World Forward

Today's e-commerce environment is moving at the speed of light – orders come in and have to be delivered within a few days, next-day or even same-day. There’s a lot of pressure to keep your delivery promises to customers. The solution is more efficient logistics processes and greater visibility into order status, as well as a superior consumer experience.


XPO does all of these things very well. We can provide accurate, flexible solutions that keep pace with your growth because they’re customized for your specific e-commerce requirements.


Here’s our tech in action:

Supply Chain Automation

Gain visibility with XPO's proprietary suite of supply chain automation tools

A Partnership Approach

At XPO, we’re committed to providing flexible, cost-efficient logistics that help build brand loyalty. We want you to have reliable outcomes, whether we’re managing 10,000 of your orders per week, or 100,000 orders. At the same time, you need the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand. 


We have a lot of experience partnering with e-commerce companies to address rapid changes in volume, and we believe that a collaborative approach is essential. By working closely with you, we can  understand your expectations, review your historical data and evaluate your current operations.


We use this information to develop dynamic solutions that manage seasonal peaks and accommodate more sustained growth. Our solutions may integrate goods-to-person solutions, collaborative robots, vertical lift module (VLM) systems, advanced sortation systems and other innovations.


We also use automation to alleviate labor market challenges by optimizing the productivity and job satisfaction of our workers. These are some of the reasons why many of the world’s leading brands trust their e-fulfillment operations to us.


We apply automation in ways that drive value across the board: 


  • Lower turnover with higher job satisfaction
  • Training times accelerated from days to hours in many cases, with a rapid ramp to full productivity
  • High throughput, with gains of three to five times productivity possible
  • Ergonomics and enhanced safety, with dramatic reductions in walking, bending and lifting
  • Artificial intelligence that “learns” as fulfillment patterns change to maximize storage, improve labor and facility utilization and adapt to changes in strategy
  • Agile peak management without hard infrastructure, and with the ability to scale up and down and flex with changes


Tell us what you need now, and we’ll also set you up for the future.


Mobile, collaborative robots support our workers in high-volume e-commerce warehouses, speeding up the inventory picking process. Our employees work side-by-side with cobots that guide them to the correct storage areas, validate the inventory picked, and transport the items to designated packing stations. Our customers typically realize about twice the productivity when cobots are at work.


Goods-to-person systems provide a few different options: the picker can be positioned at a packing station and the robot will bring large units full of product to the station. We can also configure an option where the robot climbs up the shelves to retrieve fewer units in a smaller bin. Goods-to-person systems can deliver four to five times the productivity, and just as importantly, enhance safety for our workers.

Robotic Arms

One of the distinctions of e-commerce is that order fulfillment often requires more customization than other channels. Industrial robot arms are a good fit for these implementations, because the robots perform repetitive movements with great precision. For example, we use robotic arms to put marketing paperwork in boxes, engrave products and program electronic devices.


Pallet-building and pallet-dismantling are also well-suited to robotic arms. It’s safer to have a robot build a pallet, and less strenuous for workers. We use a number of different types of robotic arms and configure each one for the task, the product and the workload.


ProGlove scanning solution improved speed by 10% and reduced errors by 75% during inventory picking.

XPO Successfully Pilots Wearable Barcode Scanner

The ProGlove intelligent scanner is worn on the back of the hand and can be paired with an augmented reality headset or other smart device, which displays real-time information about storage locations, product identifiers and inventory levels. The technology integrates with XPO’s warehouse management system and digital tools used in the order preparation process.


XPO expects that the benefits documented by the pilot should produce similar results across the company’s broad network of logistics sites. Notable findings include:


  • Six seconds saved per pick, representing an efficiency gain of approximately 10%
  • 75% reduction in errors per million units picked
  • Valuable data assimilated by the company’s XPO Smart™ labor productivity tools
  • Employee health and safety supported by the scanner’s ergonomic design, as well as the ability to set social distancing alerts

XPO Connect

Our groundbreaking digital freight platform integrates every transportation mode we offer.

End-to-End Visibility

XPO Connect™ provides deep visibility into available capacity, real-time load status and insights into purchasing transportation most effectively. The applications are intuitive and easy to use, connecting shippers and carriers in real time for touchless load posting, bidding, negotiating, assignment and tracking.


Our last mile team uses XPO Connect to deliver orders of heavy goods to homes. These customers are usually retailers and e-commerce companies that are taking advantage of our XPO Direct™ distribution network or are shipping direct-to-consumer. Our technology creates a superior consumer experience with high satisfaction ratings that are among the best in the industry.