Transportation and Home Delivery

Move your goods most efficiently from first to last mile.

XPO gives you a major edge

Delivering shipments to a warehouse or retail location is one thing; delivering straight to the consumer takes a very different level of service. From the moment a product starts to move toward its destination, the highest level of control is needed to ensure an excellent consumer experience. 

With XPO as your transportation provider, you can opt for an end-to-end drop-shipping program that provides full US domestic coverage and tailored service. Our digital transportation platform, XPO Connect™, makes it easy to coordinate delivery scheduling with consumers, and provides in-depth visibility and reporting.


Last Mile Delivery

Prioritizing the consumer experience

As the largest provider of last mile logistics for heavy goods in North America, we offer an unmatched combination of expertise, technology and scale to protect consumer brands.

We arrange over 10 million last mile deliveries a year, primarily for omnichannel and e-commerce retailers. And our reputation attracts the best independent contract carriers, ensuring a network of high-quality capacity and service-conscious drivers, as well as expert technicians and installers for services inside the home.

XPO software engineers have developed robust applications specifically for the last mile consumer experience. When someone buys furniture, an appliance, fitness equipment or other large product, they can track that order in real time, set personalized alerts and reschedule deliveries electronically. We also monitor satisfaction at the point of delivery. The caliber of our technology is a major reason why so many retailers, e-commerce companies and manufacturers use XPO for last mile services.


Transportation Capabilities

We’ll work with you to recommend the most efficient, cost-effective modes.

Full truckload

Shippers find it reassuring to have access to XPO’s full range of transportation modes and industry-leading digital freight platform. Our team can move any type of freight with our massive network of independent carriers, ensure you have dedicated capacity if you need it, and provide you with drop-trailers for storage or freight movements.


We’re vigilant about on-time performance and finding capacity for our shipper customers under even the tightest market conditions. And we take pride in providing best-in-class follow-through on our XPO Connect™ digital platform, with real-time track and trace, digital PODs and documentation stored for easy download.


We can arrange priority LTL service options to suit any schedule and maintain high performance standards. Choose our time-critical LTL service to meet delivery expectations of retail partners and big-box distribution centers:


  • Top-priority handling status in our system, with real-time visibility
  • On-time arrival during scheduled delivery windows reduces MABD and OTIF fees
  • Secured delivery windows avoids rescheduling late arrivals
  • Day-definite and window-definite options include delivery within one hour, delivery within a two-hour window, and delivery by a specific date

Air, ocean and transloading

Air transport can be a flexible solution when you need to solve unforeseen delays quickly. We have domestic and international options for air charter and air cargo, and can help with customs clearance. We also contract with all major ocean carriers to accommodate full container or less-than-container freight. Our dedicated forwarding team will manage a smooth transition to and from vessels, ports and drayage, while our technology provides sophisticated track and trace capabilities.


Our transloading solutions are an efficient way to circumvent delays at busy ports and get container shipments back on schedule.. We specialize in access to services at highly congested ports, leveraging our decades of supply chain partnerships.

Case Study: Single-Source Tracking and Control

Learn how this growing company benefited from consolidating transportation with XPO.

Opportunity is an e-commerce furniture company that had been using multiple brokers and carriers for its first and last mile deliveries. There was no ability to track orders consistently across so many different providers, and the company was spending many hours tracking, documenting deliveries, managing claims and processing payments.


Solution selected XPO as a single, national provider to manage its palletized loads of furniture across its distribution network using state-of-art technology: 


  • Provides track and trace visibility and document management for all deliveries
  • Allows for immediate feedback from the consumer about satisfaction with the delivery experience
  • Produces one invoice for processing
  • Provides customized KPIs through XPO Connect™ dashboards


  • Productivity enhanced for the Tvliftcabinet team, who now has real-time insights and notifications at hand through XPO Connect™, greatly reducing the need for inefficient emails and phone calls
  • Drivers accountable for safe transport and timely service, reducing damages and improving on-time performance metrics